Four Ways Your Attorney Can Help You

One of the questions I hear most often is “What can my attorney do for me?”  The answers are numerous, and they depend on your situation.  There are some general answers that apply.  Whether you are starting a business or caring for an aging loved one, your attorney is there to guide you.  Here are four ways your attorney can make your situation better.

Give Expert Advice – Your situation is different from everyone else’s – it is unique to you.  Your attorney can advise you on what you should do in as you face your challenges.  It may involve explaining contracts or other documents, helping to plan for future needs, and raising pitfalls you want to avoid.  Your attorney can help you think strategically about what you’re facing now, as well as what you might face in the future.

Review Documents – Your attorney can review proposed contracts to ensure that you know what your rights and obligations under the contracts.  Are you considering 24-hour care for your elder loved one?  Your attorney can review the documents that specify the duty of care owed to your loved one.  Are you thinking about leasing commercial space for your business?  Your attorney can review the lease and point out any pitfalls.   Your attorney can also suggest changes in those documents that will protect your rights – and protect your loved ones.

Draft Documents – Your attorney can customize documents to meet your specific needs.  Need a financial power of attorney to do a specific task, such as selling a second home or a car, but not to manage your bank accounts?  Your attorney can do that.  Need a buy-sell agreement that protects your rights in the even the agreement is breached?  Your attorney can do that.  Need an estate plan that meets your unique needs?  Your attorney can do that too.

Enforce Your Rights – If someone breaches a duty they owe you, whether that duty is specified in a contract or is a general duty of care, your attorney can take legal action on your behalf to protect your rights.  Whether a dispute is resolved through litigation, a settlement, or alternative dispute resolution such as mediation, your attorney acts on your behalf to provide protection to you and your loved ones.

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