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A lot of people think they don’t need an estate plan or that they aren’t ready to think about what happens with their property after they pass away. The truth is that the state has a default estate plan for you if you don’t make one, and the state will decide who will inherit your property and raise your children in the event of your untimely death.

Almost all families can benefit from a well-drafted estate plan. Your estate plan can direct how your property will be divided and who will raise your children. Younger couples often think they can put off estate planning. Careful drafting can even take account of property that you acquire later or children born after your estate plan is drafted.

Our firm values being caring and responsive. We will listen to you and develop a strategy that helps you achieve your goals, including:

• providing for your family
• donating to a charity
• minimizing expenses and estate taxes
• preparing for incapacity with powers of attorney
• choosing executors/trustees for your estate
• providing for the succession and continuation of your business

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